Randonnées et découvertes naturalistes

Based in Lourdes at the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, Via-camina will introduce you to the most beautiful sites in this magnificent mountain range on the Franco-Spanish border, whether on foot or snowshoes. With 25 years of field experience, we excel in organizing walks, hikes, stays, and workshops. You can choose between weekend getaways or longer stays to explore the Pyrenees—whether by foot in spring, summer, and autumn, or by snowshoe throughout winter and early spring. Occasionally, we also organize trips beyond the Pyrenees because our perspective extends far beyond! Via-camina also offers Nordic walking initiation and improvement, themed days and workshops on wildlife, flora, and heritage, including botanical workshops. And because we’re curious and food-loving, some workshops specifically cover edible wild plants. See you soon for new discoveries!

Hiking on Footrandonnée à pied

We offer itinerant or star-shaped circuits for everyone, personalized weekends, and stays. Various types of hikes are scheduled in the Pyrenees and elsewhere. Whether it’s a half-day, full-day, or multi-day hike, from easy to challenging levels, you can explore the French and Spanish Pyrenees, the Massif Central, Cévennes, Alps, Corsica, Iceland, Norway, or other destinations.

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Snowshoe Hiking130 randonnées à raquettes

Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees is a fantastic way to discover the snow-covered mountains, allowing everyone to appreciate the fabulous winter landscapes at altitude. Thanks to snowshoes, you can make your mark in pristine snow within a wild valley during a simple walk or experience unforgettable moments alongside the prestigious Pyrenean peaks during an itinerant circuit. Via-camina offers various snowshoe hiking options—day trips, weekends, or longer stays—both as star-shaped outings and itineraries.

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Botanical WorkshopsPlantes-sauvages-comestibles

For curiosity and gastronomic pleasure, as well as to learn about our flora and preserve ancestral knowledge, Via-camina offers workshops on gourmet walks featuring edible wild plants and their culinary uses. Join the table of wild plant enthusiasts, explore edible flowers, salads, and wild fruits in the Pyrenees and other regions of France. Botanical workshops focusing on edible plants are scheduled on specific dates or can be arranged upon request for groups.

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Nature, Fauna, and Flora Themesanimations-nature-faune-flore

As field naturalists, the mountain guides at Via-camina organize thematic outings for the general public, focusing on the fauna and flora of the Pyrenees, Aquitaine, and Midi-Pyrénées.

Feel free to contact us to arrange customized nature excursions.

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